Throughout the entire journey, Ricoh Service Managers and Project Managers can work as an extension of your staff, while our Organizational Change Management experts help your employees make a productive transition from the old way of doing things to the new.

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Ricoh Services — Project Management

Ricoh Project Managers can work as an extension of your staff to help successfully implement the recommended solution, ensuring the realization of the agreed goals and requirements. They fully understand the needs of your business, and deliver best practices that have been compiled from years of experience and engagements around the world.

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Ricoh Services — Service Management

Ricoh Service Management experts can work with your internal teams to effectively govern, measure and continually help optimize your improvements. We understand the importance of operational stability and will work with you every step of the way to achieve your business goals.

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Ricoh Services — Organizational Change Management

When change happens in your organization, employee adoption and acceptance is essential for long-term success.  However, changing the way people work is challenging. To address this, Ricoh uses a proprietary and comprehensive organizational change management methodology with a proven track record of success, balancing the subjective, qualitative and emotional elements of behavioral change. What does that mean for you? A seamless transition meaning faster productivity gains and cost savings, and happier employees.

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Ricoh Services — Partnership

Organizational change can be a long journey – and it’s invaluable to have a partner who has been there before to help guide you. Our experts work closely in collaboration with you to ensure that the information infrastructure we help you create fulfills your core business objectives. We also work closely with your employees to ensure the program’s ongoing success. This collaborative, people-centered approach has a proven track record of success over thousands of engagements all over the world — and can help you reach even your most aspirational business goals.

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