Organizational Change Management is an essential component of many services engagements. When new technologies, workflows or processes are implemented, an organization and its employees must adapt to and embrace the changes to ensure long-term success. It has been widely reported that about 75 percent of change management efforts fail. And once a change management program gets off track, it takes a significant amount of time, money and resources to rectify issues and proceed in a new direction. Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services is delivered by a team of global consultants with proven expertise that are brought in the initial stages of the services engagement to help ensure success. We help organizations diagnose resistance, transition employees through the change process and develop an effective change management plan.

Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services experts apply a proven methodology to systematically identify and evaluate processes surrounding the “people” side of change. Working with your internal project team, we start by understanding an enterprise and its needs, then identify transformational solutions to raise awareness, gain acceptance and drive involvement among an organizations’ employees.

Phases of Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services

Our organizational change management experts work with you to determine key influences, cultural resistances and the impact on people and the support needed to accommodate the new way of working. We also consider your organizational strengths and the existing technology and process gaps that will impact the overall success of the transformation.


Ricoh next develops strategies and plans aligned with your enterprise goals, provides support for your people through the transition and defines an overall change management strategy. From there, we assess training needs, develop communications plans, conduct a readiness assessment and develop a stakeholder engagement strategy and risk management plan. 


In this phase, Ricoh Organizational Change Management experts deliver strategies and plans from the Design phase and work with your employees to adopt the transformational changes. Your enterprise begins to see tangible benefits that align with your transformation goals and we review structured metrics that measure employee proficiency with the new processes and workflows.


Now, leaders and employees take visible action and demonstrate understanding and adoption of the changes. Stakeholders are embracing new capabilities and acquiring new skills for the new way of working. Ricoh Organizational Change Management experts build and embed capabilities required for current and future change.


In this final phase, Ricoh facilitates adoption of desired behaviors into teams—both in core operations and support areas—and responsibility and accountability are established. Change has become the new norm. Insights and approaches are established to increase people’s comfort with the new way of working, outstanding issues are addressed and actively engaged people share their experience with others and equip colleagues to adopt the new way of working.

By following these five phases, Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services helps ensure that everyone in your organization understands these principles and why it is essential to follow them. It is this “going beyond” approach that gets everyone engaged, so that your business transformation takes place without sacrificing control, quality, and performance. By addressing the emotional and human-side of change, we can reduce the risk of implementation, increase the speed of adoption, and put in place a roadmap for sustained success.

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