Controlling CostsBusinesses process a staggering amount of information. Printed documents, emails, attachments, networked drives, even handwritten notes. All of it matters. Managing all that information can be costly—but it doesn’t have to be.

There are two categories defining the costs of managing business-critical information:

  • Hard costs: These include consumables like paper, ink, hardware and software, as well as the physical spaces and utilities that house and power your business.
  • Process inefficiencies: These are more difficult to quantify. But the cost of not having access to the information you need at the right time, in the right form, is even more significant than your hard costs.

CEOs: Control Costs while Growing the Enterprise

The top priority of CEOs and senior executives is growth. Second on the list? Cost management.1 Seventy-six percent of CEOs have cut costs in the last 12 months, and 64 percent plan to do so over the next 12 months.2

Growth and cost management are not opposites. In fact, they go hand in hand. Scaling an enterprise without firmly controlling costs makes profitable growth difficult, if not impossible.

The information age presents great opportunities to save on hard costs while pursuing growth. One example is the increasing mobility of the workforce. Rather than continually adding hardware and real estate, CEOs can accommodate expansion by maximizing existing infrastructure and workspaces. Of course, to do this they need relevant, accurate and accessible information. Ricoh’s expertise and services can make sure they have it.

There is also vast room for improvement when it comes to process efficiency. More than 83 percent of respondents to a 2012 IDC global survey believe that addressing inefficiencies in customer-facing processes would reduce their overall operating costs—on average, by nearly 10.1 percent.3

CIOs: Think Strategically (But Continue to Control Costs)

IT departments spend more than 70 percent of their budgets on run-the-business activities.4 It’s no surprise, then, that cost savings remain one of the top three priorities for CIOs across industries worldwide.5

Virtualization and cloud-based services help CIOs reduce their hard costs by diminishing reliance on things like data storage devices, servers and desktop computers. But CIOs can control costs even further by making more efficient and effective use of IT staff time and talent. In a growing company, you want IT staff to spend less time on monitoring and maintenance duties and more time on actively advancing the company’s growth and competitive strength.

The Bottom Line

Information is traveling faster and is more important than ever before. You need advanced and affordable strategies for making the most of the information available to you. Ricoh solutions help today’s C-level executives get the savings and improvements they need for their companies to grow and thrive.

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There are a number of opportunities in any enterprise to control costs – both in directly measurable hard costs, and with internal changes that boost efficiency and productivity. And when your business realizes those opportunities, you put yourself in the absolute best position for future growth.

Finding Savings Across Your Business

Some areas of your business just cost more to run – both in resources and in staff time. Take printing operations as an example – found in most processes throughout the entire enterprise. To save money, you need to reduce the consumables used — from ink and paper to space for devices and the energy to power them — while maximizing device uptime without overburdening IT with extra support and maintenance requests.

Printing across an entire enterprise is a massive undertaking – that’s why it makes sense to bring in experts who understand how to improve these processes to cut costs. But what are some of the ways a Ricoh print expert can help you save money?

  • After looking at the whole enterprise, Ricoh can help you set rules for routing documents to the most cost-effective, energy efficient device, reducing the cost to you.
  • Finding ways to effectively change worker behavior can result in significant savings on consumables.
  • The more visibility your have into your printing operations, the easier troubleshooting and support will be — and the easier it will be for your workers to be productive.

Communicate More – For Less

Another area of significant savings is how information and knowledge move throughout your organization – whether between your workers or with customers. For example, what if you could always have your best experts available to your customers via telepresence, no matter where they were, rather than staffing several branch offices?  Or, rather than spending money on ink, paper and energy printing and reprinting countless handouts or signage, what if you could eliminate these costs with digital signage that was dynamic and easily editable?  

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

When we talk about the cost of infrastructure, many of us think “equipment”:  devices, networks, servers and the like. But one of the most expensive parts of any infrastructure is housing this equipment and the people who use it. In fact, facilities is the second largest expense item in many enterprise budgets.1 And these costs can vary wildly, according to a recent study:


  • London- $23,500;Hong Kong-$22,000; Geneva-$17,500; Tokyo-$17,000; Zurich-$16,500; Paris-$15,000; Oslo-$15,000; New York-$14,500.2

Finding ways to maximize the value of your facilities budget can maximize worker productivity no matter where they’re located, reduce high office occupancy costs and help you better utilize existing space, without creating a logistical burden for administrative staff.

1 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems, Gartner – June 2013

2 Global Occupancy Costs - Offices 2013, DTZ – January 2013

Every single Ricoh service is focused on finding ways to reduce your costs and boost efficiency. We can help you re-engineer your processes across your organization for a streamlined, more productive approach, and help reduce your investment costs by utilizing our own infrastructure and delivery systems. By offloading these selected changes (for example, from manual to automated or from paper to digital), Ricoh Services can help you reach your business goals and grow your competitive advantage with a minimum of disruption to your daily operations.

Production Printing Services: Finding Savings Across Your Business

Ricoh Production Printing Services provides you with the best-in-class support you need to improve your print production operations and reach even your most ambitious business goals. We’ll help you increase efficiencies and cut costs by re-engineering your printing operations to reduce consumables and better support your workers – not just those printing the documents, but also your IT staff on the back end. And we can help give you the peace of mind of knowing that your printed materials won’t have errors by automating your ability to spot issues and reprint only when required. 

Communication Services: Communicate More – For Less

Ricoh Communication Services help drive the cost out of delivering dynamic, interactive presentations while fostering collaborative, live communications that can grow your business. Our communication experts will consult, design and deliver services that can reduce waste in your organization – from transitioning to tablet-based meetings that eliminate the need for handouts, to digital signage that replaces expensive static signs that requires constant replacement. And we can help you get closer to your customers with telepresence services that put your best people in front of your clients no matter where they are, without the costs of maintaining branch offices or generating millions of frequent flyer miles.

Workplace Services: Get the Most Out of Your Investment

Ricoh Workplace Services are all about giving your workforce the workplaces they need to be happy and productive. We’ll work with your team to better utilize your existing space, improve your workplace layout and reduce the amount you spend per workstation. We can also help reallocate resources to maximize working productivity, including the creation of strategic roadmaps that can optimize the way employees utilize available desks, meeting rooms and existing technologies, helping to reduce the amount of empty or underutilized meeting space in offices. And we’ll find ways to help you recover your costs and get the most out of investments.