iWorkerAs businesses look for new strategies to drive growth, they are increasingly looking to their iWorkers – workers who rely on electronic and printed information in their daily jobs – as the people who will lead them there. By having reliable, anytime, anywhere access to their critical business information, iWorkers are able to be more efficient and make smarter decisions for their organization – which directly promotes growth. In a new world of work, it’s critical that the right technology, supported by the right systems and processes, are in place to empower iWorkers to fully realize their potential.


The Right Information at the Right Time

The right information at the right timeTo achieve this potential, businesses must improve the way their iWorkers work with knowledge, reducing information overload and delivering the right information at the right time. This often involves the revamping of a business’ critical processes, in order to boost the productivity of their iWorkers. But can this really affect business growth?

The answer: a resounding yes. More than 40 percent of all activities in businesses across the world rely on information that is captured in documents.1 Often, this information is buried in unstructured formats like emails, office documents and even social media. Today’s iWorkers are therefore facing an increasingly difficult challenge: collecting and utilizing this information in the smartest, most productive way possible. Moreover, they need this information in the format that enables them to be most productive in their jobs – timely, accurate and easily retrievable.

This comes most into play when dealing with customers, where fast, efficient processes are not just important – they’re absolutely vital for a strong customer engagement strategy. The latest innovations in mobile and cloud technologies, when supported with the right systems and processes, can help deliver a customer experience that’s second to none.

Workers rely on many forms of information to do their jobs2

Workers rely on many forms of information to do their jobs

Manage the New World of Work

The new world of workWork is changing. From quickly-evolving technologies to a workforce that includes 5 distinct generations, businesses are under pressure to find the right ways to support their iWorkers. And while younger iWorkers will constitute 3 out of 4 workers globally in 2025,3 the use of mobile devices, social media and cloud-based applications for work has transcended demographics – and created significant challenges. Businesses will require a strong technical infrastructure, the right information management processes, and deep understanding of the workstyle innovations required by today’s workforce in order to fully empower their iWorkers.

The good news is that technology and workstyle innovations have provided us with the potential to communicate and collaborate better than at any time in history. Take cloud-based collaboration tools as just one example. In a global Forbes survey of business executives, 90 percent say that these tools have the potential to improve virtually any set of business processes. And 82 percent say the tools accelerate business results[3] via better connected, more productive iWorkers.

Tools like these can help streamline and improve business processes, so that iWorkers can make the right decisions at the right times for the maximum impact. And in supporting workers with the latest technology, businesses can create a work environment that attracts top talent from around the world – another potential source of business growth.

The Bottom Line

The bottom lineA workforce of empowered iWorkers is your engine of growth in the new world of work. By giving workers the tools they need to access, share and manage information at any time, in any place, on any device, iWorkers can communicate with colleagues and customers and work more productively than ever before.


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Your iWorkers are your greatest asset. When they have tools they need to be productive – the right systems, streamlined processes and a strong, agile infrastructure – they’ll drive your business growth. But to get there, you need to harness the power and potential of your critical data. When your iWorkers can quickly access key information at any time, no matter where they are, your organization will see the benefits – and a big boost to its bottom line.

Make faster, better informed business decisions

Make faster, better informed business decisionsDecision-making in today’s business world happens fast. And to make the strategic decisions that can make or break a business, the information you have needs to be timely, accurate, and delivered in a way that’s easily understood.

Increasingly, executives and key decision-makers are basing their decisions on information delivered through Big Data business analytics – pulling in not only the structured data from legacy systems, but also the unstructured data from formats like email, social media, MS Office documents and even paper. Having the right process in place to deliver this information in the right format is integral to a strong business strategy. And the numbers back it up – an IDC study of information workers found that 83 percent agreed that optimizing these document- and information-driven processes would, on average, boost revenue by more than 10 percent.[1]

Create more satisfied employees and customers

Employees armed with the tools they need are more successful, productive, and ultimately, more satisfied in the roles they play in your organization.

Getting there means making the right choices about how your processes, support systems and applications work together, so that employees can be more effective in their jobs and better engage with your customers. And it also means giving your employees the proper training and help they need to take full advantage of these resources. When all of your employees are at the top of their game, the office isn’t just a better place to work – it pays immediate dividends with your customers.  

Launch innovative products and services faster

Launch innovative products and services fasterYou know it better than anyone – being slow in the business world means death. In order to beat your competitors to new business opportunities, you need to find the right ways to shorten the time between a great new idea and its development. A great place to start are the routine business processes that keep your employees from spending their time developing the innovations that make you stand out from the competition.

But how much of a productivity gain would you see? According to a Harvard Business Review study, your iWorkers could see up to a 20 percent boost in their productivity.[2] And it’s not just your R&D department that would see this gain – it includes customer-facing workers as well.

Attract and retain top talent

Attract and retain top talentYou can make your business a more attractive place to work for top talent by supporting not only what your people do, but also providing flexibility in where and how they do it. 

An agile work environment in today’s new world of work needs the right resources to promote anywhere, anytime workstyles. These technologies exist right now – cloud, mobile & social media, just to name a few. Don’t get left behind. Creating a dynamic work environment supported with high-speed connectivity and the latest technology will attract top talent to you, rather than to your less agile competitors.

Partnering to grow your business

Let’s be real. This won’t happen in a day. It will take time and resources – assets you probably want to use on growing your business. That’s why partnering with Ricoh to support your iWorkers makes sense. Our experienced service professionals can handle the up-front analysis and design work involved in creating a more productive workplace. Plus, they can help re-engineer, implement and manage your updated processes, support systems and applications. The end result? You’re free to focus on the business of growing your business.


1 IDC White Paper sponsored by Ricoh, "Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth", September 2012.

2 Make Your Knowledge Workers More Productive,” Jordan Cohen and Julian Birkinshaw - Harvard Business Review, September 5, 2013.

Ricoh can help you re-design, implement and manage the processes, support systems and applications that let you achieve your business goals. From the upfront analysis and design work involved to the ongoing management of streamlined business processes, we can help you grow your business your way.

Managed Document Services: Make faster, better informed business decisions

Managed Document Services: Make faster, better informed business decisionsRelying on our many decades of experience with Managed Document Services, we’ll work with you to better understand just how you access, use and store your critical business information. From your document processes to information management at the executive level, we can help you find ways to use information more efficiently and translate that to better business results. Then, we work with you to re-engineer your critical document processes to ensure that at every level in your business, your workers are able to best capture, manage and transform information in any format they need. With faster, better informed business decisions, your competition will soon be in your rearview mirror.

Application Services: Increase employee and
customer satisfaction

Ricoh Application Services are all about boosting productivity and satisfaction in your company – both inside and out. We study your existing systems and processes to create the best possible fit between business applications, innovative technologies and the processes they are designed to enable.. Not only that, but we’ll provide the support and maintenance needed so your employees can work confidently and without interruption, increasing not only their job satisfaction, but that of the customers you serve.

Business Process Services: Get to the work of doing work

Business Process Services: Get to the work of doing workWe’ve all been there – wanting to get to a work on a project, but having your day-to-day work constantly getting in the way. With Ricoh Business Process Services, you can eliminate the time spent on routine business processes and free up employees to spend more time on things like, say, actually growing your business. 

But Ricoh Business Process Services don’t just affect those in R&D. They also can boost productivity among workers who play key supporting roles, such as Legal and Accounting. And these optimized processes help you work more efficiently to provide a customer experience that’s second to none.

Best of all, Ricoh’s flexible service delivery model doesn’t require you to outsource entire business functions like it does with others. You can pick and choose only what you need to get your products and services out the door faster than your competitors. It’s a solution that’s as big as your business.

IT Infrastructure Services: Attract and
retain talented employees

IT Infrastructure Services: Attract and retain talented employeesRicoh IT Infrastructure Services help you create the kind of dynamic work environment that attracts and lets you retain talented employees. To create this infrastructure, we’ll work with your IT team to consult, design, supply and implement IT hardware and software — both physical and virtual — so that your iWorkers have the flexibility they want (and need) to work anywhere, anytime. And we can help keep your employees up and running through thick and thin, supporting and managing your IT infrastructure with remote and on-site support, backup systems, disaster recovery and protection against security threats. With Ricoh taking care of many of the day-to-day maintenance and support tasks, your IT staff can focus their attention instead on the strategic initiatives that are driving your business growth.