Managing ChangeWhen your organization is undergoing change – no matter the type – transforming your business is vital for productivity and ultimately meeting your growth goals: hitting financial targets, becoming innovation leaders, and delivering superior customer service.

The ability to fully realize the benefits of transformation, especially when it involves introducing new processes and technologies, depends on successfully changing people’s behavior.

“IT departments and the CIOs who lead them are asked to deliver, construct or commission, deliver, and then maintain highly complex business information systems. That always requires change — to process, organization and the way people work — if it is to create significant value.”1


The nature of today’s changing workforce — more mobile and often distributed across different business environments and cultures — has made successful organizational change management incredibly difficult. In fact, 83 percent of executives view “substantial change” as their biggest business challenge.2

It’s understandable. Often, co-workers or clients resist important change simply because they don’t understand it. That’s a telling sign of a change management plan lacking a clear strategy, communication, coaching and training. These plans are often employed as an afterthought, long after the fact, when organizations have already shifted their focus elsewhere. Or, it’s a thinly veiled, high-level mantra that reads impressively on posters and banners, but fails to resonate or make an impact or actually change employee behavior. As a result, even well-intentioned and necessary change fails. And in its wake, organizations have to accommodate disenfranchised employees who feel less engaged —adversely affecting commitment, pride, advocacy and more.

A Framework for Change Ensures Success

Having a strategy and framework for managing the people component of change helps businesses meet this challenge, increasing employee productivity during the process, and decreases the time needed to complete the transition. The most effective frameworks for successfully managing organizational change include a number of key components:


  • Proactive sponsorship at the highest level of the organization, with ongoing communications that help employees clearly understand how change will benefit the organization as a whole, and equally important, how it benefits them.
  • A transformation team that includes both end-user Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Line of Business (LoB) managers. LoB managers are responsible for driving project management and staying on schedule and within budget. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are critical not only for their knowledge being effectively distributed throughout the organization, but also for their influential position to advocate for change and accelerate adoption by their peers.
  • Education and training required for new processes or systems: from formalized, instructor-led training to self-paced online courses and more.
  • Measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that let you understand overall performance in meeting business objectives, like changing processes, technologies and how people are working. This lets you gather much-needed feedback, letting your team and sponsors course-correct and work through difficulties during the transformation.

Good Partners Help You Manage Change

Properly managing change is critical to the competitive strength and success of your business. Business transformation involves not just internal change management, but also choosing partners — whether they are providing new services or technologies — that understand the people component of change.

Partners need to be part of the change management team, consulting closely with SMEs and LoB managers throughout the design and implementation of a change management plan. They should be able to provide the education and training necessary for your organizational changes to be more fully embraced by users.

The Bottom Line

Effective organizational change management focuses on people — helping you realize the benefits of change through better processes, higher user adoption and greater user proficiency.  Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services provides a framework designed to manage change, so you can better achieve your business goals and accelerate growth.

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2 Red Tree Leadership & Development Webinar, “Why Changes Fail (And how your managers are behind it.)”, Curt Barbett, 2013. [from policy document]

Any critical business transformation will require organizational change. We understand that changing to meet business challenges is how you hit financial targets, become leaders in innovation, and deliver superior customer service. But to fully realize these benefits of business transformation —especially when introducing new processes and technologies — you must successfully change people’s behavior to make sure they embrace and stay committed to the change.

Initiate change with confidence

Making change is hard—and risky. Research shows that just 18 percent of organizations report being highly effective at managing change throughout their organization.1 The last thing you want is a costly process that takes too long, runs over budget and disrupts your workforce — yet ultimately fails to achieve your original goals. 

With a robust change management framework and plan, you’ll be better positioned for success. You can more easily help employees go through these changes by taking steps to ensure that they embrace the new processes, workflows and technologies — long after the change management process has run its course.

Innovate to move your business forward

You innovate to grow:  not just with new products and services, but also in the way that you operate. Take as an example a major strategic initiative that runs across departments and geographies, such as a sustainability improvement program. The more you can successfully manage this systemic change across your organization, the greater the benefits you’ll see — a more sustainable business satisfies key stakeholders by reducing costs and enhancing your reputation as a good ‘green’ citizen.   

Get the best return on your investments

No matter where change is happening in your organization, you’ll get the best return on your investment by ensuring employees know how to adapt to change—and why it’s beneficial to both the organization and the individual. From formal trainings that get people on the same page to internal marketing campaigns to encourage participation, change management techniques focused on your employees reduce the risk of implementation, increase the speed of adoption, and help decrease costs.

The benefit of partners

Gartner predicts that just 10 percent of infrastructure and operations organizations will be able to deliver the speed of change required by the business processes they enable by 2015.2

That’s a lot of businesses falling behind in the new world of work. But there’s a way forward. Partnering with experienced service providers such as Ricoh can help invigorate your organization, no matter what stage of the change process — consulting on the design phase, helping to implement changes or even managing part or all of a transformed process. It’s a great way to manage change while freeing your staff to focus on the critical work that makes you more competitive and helps your business grow.

1 Enabling Organizational Change through Strategic Initiatives, Project Management Institute, Inc., March 2014.

2 Spafford, George, “How I&O Can Manage Change at the Pace of the Business”, Gartner, 2013.

For decades, Ricoh has been an innovation leader in the workplace – introducing new technologies that have forever changed the way people access and use information. With Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services, you can draw on that legacy to drive measurable and sustained change throughout your business, with faster, long-lasting results. 

Organizational Change Management

The Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services team is comprised of experienced global consultants, brought in at the initial stages of the process to help ensure success. And our team can help you every step of the way – from drafting an effective change management plan to smoothing the employee transition to limit disruption.  Ricoh Organizational Change Management Services is offered across for all of our services engagements.  For example:

Business Process Services: Initiate change with confidence

Change is a given. We get that – but how you handle change is what sets you apart in the business world. We help make it easy on your employees and your partners by flexibly tailoring the service to the right level of change that makes sense for everyone.

With Ricoh Business Process Services, everything we do is aimed at optimizing and streamlining the way you handle the business of doing business and promoting rapid growth. Working in tandem with your team, we redesign and implement solutions with just the right combination of people, processes and technology to meet your specific needs.

Organizational change management, including performance metrics, is available to support every single Ricoh Business Process Services engagement. When you partner with Ricoh, you can initiate change with confidence.

Sustainability Management Services: A brighter future – for the planet and your business

Top-performing organizations today recognize that sustainability is good for their bottom line – not just the environment. But we also know that getting people to change their ways is hard work. 

Ricoh has long been a global leader in environmental sustainability and social responsibility, and we are proud to be recognized as one of Global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world for the tenth year running. Ricoh Sustainability Management Services can support your sustainability efforts to not only reach your green goals, but also reduce your costs and impact your bottom line. Using our Organizational Change Management Services, Ricoh can help educate your employees on the value of your sustainability efforts so they can make the most of going green.

Managed Document Services: The very best
return on investment

Ricoh Managed Document Services help make the use of information across the enterprise more efficient, effective and secure. But revamping an organization and introducing new technologies means changing the way people do their jobs. The result is often lost time and money.

Using proven Organizational Change Management Services developed over our decades of experience, Ricoh can help ease the transition for employees, so that your improvements become a permanent part of your workplace culture — not just a short-lived program. We’ll partner with your internal project team to get all of the relevant information to your employees when they need it, and conduct trainings that leave your workplace feeling engaged and invested, ensuring that your business transformation happens without sacrificing control, quality, and performance.