Optimizing InformationFor optimal performance, iWorkers (workers who rely on electronic and printed information in their daily jobs) need their information optimized to make them most productive. They need to securely access exactly what they’re looking for wherever they are, whenever they need it and in whatever form that suits their present needs. As the volume and variety of business information flowing through an enterprise continues to increase, so does the challenge—and necessity—of optimizing it.

Access the information you need, when you need itOptimized information helps iWorkers perform more effectively, better satisfying the needs of customers and employees alike.
Optimizing information also provides greater business insight and better decision making in an era of Big Data. Thirty-eight percent of CIOs believe using Big Data is highly advantageous, almost half (47 percent) encourage gathering and developing Big Data, and a similar proportion (45 percent) expect to boost their investment in Big Data next year.1 But to make all that data work for you, you need systems and processes that appropriately feed it to make it intelligible and accessible.

Harness the Power of Your Information

Harness the Power of Your InformationYou can’t fully realize the value of information if you don’t know where it is, and if it’s trapped in a format that either slows or prevents its use. The most common example of trapping information is storing it in an unstructured format — for example, hardcopy invoices in Accounts Payables, or documents relevant to legal discovery but not classified or flagged in any way for retrieval. And if you can’t find the information easily, it’s almost the same as not having it at all.

Making this unstructured information useful may require converting it to a different form and/or indexing and classifying it to extract its value to a more accessible location. Information originally formatted and optimized to serve a specific purpose in a specific department may need to be transformed so that it can feed into a Big Data initiative and be used in business analytics. This transformation has the benefit of breaking down silos and making information sharable and functional across the enterprise. And it reveals why optimizing information is best accomplished not in isolation but as part of a large-scale reengineering of business processes.  

It isn’t always easy: each business function and category of documents has its own specific information access requirements, formats, workflows and metrics (like quality standards). You can’t optimize such a diverse pool of information with a one-size-fits-all solution. So businesses are increasingly looking to experts who are able to adapt to service their unique needs, help them reach optimal performance and make information work for them.

Have the Resources You Need Ready

Have the Resources You Need Ready Success in optimizing information for wider use, especially in meeting the demands of Big Data, is putting additional strain on both infrastructure and those who manage it.

  • While 88 percent of CEOs are exploring better ways of using and managing Big Data, only 28 percent have made any headway in coming to grips with Big Data.2
  • Less than half of CIOs have an information foundation fit to manage Big Data.3

To make information accessible to their increasingly mobile workforce, businesses are extending their infrastructure with cloud and virtual server and desktop technologies. And with infrastructure broadening and growing more complicated, the tasks of management and security grow in kind. IT staff will feel the strain of deploying and supporting the technologies required for information agility at the same time they labor to keep sensitive information secure.

Again, this is where an experienced partner like Ricoh comes in. We can help you harness the power of the information flowing through your business, we can also free your IT staff to maintain focus on strategic initiatives.

The Bottom Line

Optimizing information helps ensure everyone in your business has access to your most valuable information in the form that makes them most effective at their jobs—not just within one area or business process, but across the entire enterprise. The logic is undeniable: for optimal performance and growth, you need optimized information.


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2 PwC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey (2014)

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The value of any information asset depends on your degree of access. So when you increase access by optimizing business information, you increase its value across the enterprise: within business processes and across all areas of the business up to C-suite decision makers. iWorkers at every level can be more effective—ultimately improving both customer satisfaction and operational performance essential to your growth.

Harness the Power of Your Information

Harness the power of your informationIn every process across your business, information is being captured, managed, shared and stored. With information so ubiquitous, it’s easy to overlook the fact that with every information asset you own, you are making an investment—and deserve to get the best return possible. When information is optimized, its real value is more directly available to the people, processes and technologies that drive your business. Freeing valuable information from unstructured formats enables collaboration, stimulates innovation and increases customer satisfaction.

And this goes far beyond paper. Customer emails and voice communications, social media channels, chat and instant messaging, the emergence of communication technology containing voice, rich media and video—all have the potential to provide valuable business insights, better inform decision-making and increase iWorker effectiveness.

Improve Quality of Information

Improve Quality of InformationOptimizing information not only makes its value more accessible, it also provides an opportunity to improve its quality and accuracy. The same optimized workflows and technologies that make information more accessible can also eliminate manual tasks that introduce error into business processes. In other words, nothing gets lost in translation—because there is no translator. Information travels seamlessly from portal to portal and across departments. Consistency is automated and assured, delivering for your customers exactly what you promised.

Optimize Information for Richer Business Intelligence

Optimize Information for Richer Business IntelligenceThe benefits of optimizing information are not just operational. Big Data initiatives, fed by information optimized for business analytics, are bringing businesses closer to their customers. In a global survey of more than 1,300 business executives across 19 industries, the strategy that ranked first for connecting with customers was increased customer insight through Big Data collection and analysis.1 For the resources to fully pursue deeper insight and intelligence, businesses are increasingly looking to partners—ideally, ones with expertise. With our depth of experience, scale, cost efficiencies, technological capabilities and knowledge of best practices, we can free your internal resources to focus on the core functions and performance that differentiate and grow your business.


1The Rise of the Customer-Led Economy,” Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013.

Ricoh Services help you optimize information within your business across all of your processes, so that iWorkers have secure access to the right information—wherever they are, when they need it and in the right form. Ricoh helps you reengineer processes to enable access to the right information, in the right form, at the right time, giving you greater value from your data and improving the business insight and decision making essential to your growth.

Managed Document Services: Harness the Power of Your Information

Managed Document ServicesRicoh Managed Document Services study your document processes to see where and how you can maximize efficiency and get the most value from your information. This may mean converting paper documents to digital and/or extracting, classifying and indexing information in a searchable database. Depending on your specific needs, your data may be formatted for business-critical information applications (like ECM, ERP, CRM or SFA) and Big Data analytics, or it may be stored in a central information repository, either on-site or in the cloud. Whether it’s print or digital, we can help you move information freely throughout your entire organization. When you’ve made information available, adaptable, searchable, intelligible, portable and reusable, you have achieved true information mobility and enhanced your ability to satisfy employees and customers, preempt competitors and run your business more profitably.

Production Printing Services: Improve Quality of Information

Production Printing ServicesRicoh Production Printing Services can help reduce error and inaccuracy by automating much of your print production operation. You’ll have the ability to ensure the integrity of any job, spot errors and reprint if indicated, and ensure consistent print quality— regardless of whether the output device is made by Ricoh or someone else. And when regulations and format requirements change, we’ll provide support to help reconfigure and comply.

IT Infrastructure Services: Harness Information for Richer Business Intelligence

IT Infrastructure ServicesOptimizing information for business analytics can help you make strategic business decisions—as long as you have the IT resources to support them. Ricoh IT Infrastructure Services allow your IT staff to focus on achieving the strategic benefits of Big Data initiatives, while we assume the time-consuming but vital role of monitoring and maintenance. We help detect and fix vulnerabilities throughout your infrastructure, which ensures your business operations remain up, running and available to your customers, employees and partners. To support your increasing information assets and the increasing access you’d like to grant your employees—through mobile, apps and other technologies—Ricoh IT Infrastructure Services utilize the safe abundance of virtualization. Without the time, costs and resources required to deploy and maintain your own on-site solutions, your employees will have the resources they need to work as productively as possible.