Streamlining ProcessesIn business, fast is usually better, and creating faster, more effective business critical processes are no exception. An IDC1 global study showed that 83.2 percent of respondents believe that streamlining business functions would have a positive impact on revenue, enabling them to quickly get their products and services to market and provide superior service to customers once they are on board.

Ricoh can help you streamline your critical business processes so everyone in your business has reliable access to the right information anytime, anywhere, to make better decisions and be more productive.

Keep Up In the New World of Work

Successful businesses have one thing in common: they’re able to move and share information fast and reliably, both in and outside of their organization. When we partner with your organization to streamline your processes, our aim is to make doing business as easy as possible – both for you and your employees.

To do that, we’ll help you build an agile infrastructure utilizing the latest technologies to provide ongoing support for your organization. This is essential to effectively respond to changes in your business environment, as your customers’ preferences change, opportunities open up, or you (or your competitors) expand product lines or acquire new routes to market.

For many enterprises, partnering with outside experts is proving effective in gaining the expertise and outside perspective necessary for effective and long-lasting change to both processes and infrastructure. Offloading entire processes, or even part of your infrastructure to a trusted partner is often the most cost-effective means to boost productivity and agility – leaving you free to concentrate on the business of doing business. And an effective partner can also provide an outside view, so you can learn best practices and find the processes inside your organization that are most inefficient or ineffective.  

Eliminate Inefficiencies

While the benefits of more efficient processes are apparent, companies are often impaired from change by existing bottlenecks, and limited in their ability to adapt. In a recent global survey, 39 percent of respondents reported that their non-customer-facing document processes were lacking, and just over one-third reported that customer-facing document processes were inefficient or ineffective.2

Whether it’s inertia or organizational bottlenecks, many companies persist in the “old way of doing things.” And companies are paying a high price, as they bring in outside discovery services to handle manual processes across their organizations, or are forced to divert their internal staff from more lucrative activities.

Today, “facilitation of organizational process efficiency” is the top goal of CIOs — in fact, nearly two thirds of them continue to invest in business process management in the next few years.3 Which is a good start. But top performing companies also understand the value of partnerships across departments. Streamlining processes must be a coordinated, joint effort between IT managers and individual Line of Business (LOB) managers, to foster collaboration across the entire enterprise, as well as file sharing and social tools.

The Bottom Line

The benefits are clear: streamlining business critical processes can increase productivity and facilitate growth. Faster, more effective processes help your employees respond more rapidly to customers, shorten sales cycles, and increase knowledge sharing and collaboration for better decision-making. And the time recovered through these streamlining processes can be redirected to revenue-generating initiatives, product innovation and improved competitive positioning.


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Businesses can grow faster when you are able to continuously streamline processes, as you add more customers, expand your market reach and extend your product and service portfolios. And with the time and money you’ll save, you’ll free up resources to fund new initiatives for your future growth.

Improve Your Business’ Agility

As your business grows, you need to meet the expectations of a more mobile, geographically dispersed workforce.   

“The steady rise of smartphones (almost half the global information workforce uses smartphones today) and the explosion of tablets (we’ll see 905 million tablets in people’s hands by 2017) mean that your mobile workforce future is multidevice and multilocation.”1

Different people work differently, and your business needs to be able to adapt to all of your employees’ workstyles, while also breaking down barriers to better share information throughout your organization. This flexibility will get information to workers in a timely fashion, and in the form they need in order to be most productive. But you don’t need to hire more staff or devote more resources to infrastructure to accomplish this. Instead, you can choose an experienced partner who will work closely with you every step of the way to transform even your most labor-intensive processing activities into a centralized, automated process, so that your workers can focus on helping boost your revenue.

Respond Faster for Better Customer Satisfaction

Your customer-facing workers are the face of your business. But are you putting your best face forward? A recent Forrester Consulting study shows that 79 percent of customer service decision-makers and 89 percent of customer-facing workers say there’s a gap between the customer experience they can deliver and what the customer wants.2 So how do you improve the customer experience? By finding better ways of distributing information throughout your workforce, so that your customer-facing employees solve simple interactions with customers faster, leaving time to deliver better, more personalized service. Streamlining these key processes can dramatically improve the quality of these customer engagement touchpoints and result in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhance LOB Efficiencies and Reduce Operating Costs

CIOs across the globe report that a quarter of 2014 IT spending will take place outside the IT budget3-- within Lines of Business (LOBs), for example. With this in mind, it’s imperative to forge a close relationship between IT and LOB managers in order to streamline your most fragmented, unstructured and labor-intensive information processes. This partnership between IT and LOB managers can eliminate bottlenecks by integrating solutions like document management technologies. And the more time you can free your IT managers from routine maintenance work, the more time they can devote to building partnerships within (and across) your LOBs to cut operating costs and support your growth.


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To streamline your businesses processes, the first thing Ricoh does is take an in-depth look at how your people work, and what they need to get their jobs done. This means we study everything involved in your processes — the systems, people, information and technology. From there we develop clear streamlining targets and help you find the best ways to provide your people what they need when they need it, and in the right form. Whether that means re-engineering existing workflows or offloading time-consuming steps, Ricoh ensures you remain agile and responsive as you grow.

Business Process Services: Improve Your Business’ Agility

Every Ricoh Business Process engagement looks for ways to streamline and optimize your processes to promote rapid business growth.  We offer you a unique delivery model that is more flexible than traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 

Flexibility on our end leads to agility on yours: our goal is to help employees get the information they need when they need it and in the format most useful to them. We also give you the information you need, by providing accurate, timely and complete on-demand performance metrics. This empowers you to be more responsive to changes in your marketplace and grow your revenue. With streamlined processes and the right information, you can meet competitive challenges head-on and pursue new opportunities — either within or beyond your present scope.

Managed Document Services: Respond Faster for Better Customer Satisfaction

Ricoh Managed Document Services begin by creating a complete map of your technology and processes — manual and automated, structured and unstructured. Working from this map, we look for ways you can improve response times to customer questions and concerns across your entire enterprise. Our solutions may include combining activities and eliminating bottlenecks, as well as maximizing your existing investments such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. It’s all dependent on your unique needs. To familiarize your employees with the new procedures and technologies, we provide formal training and education programs. And Ricoh deploys all its solutions together under a systematic change management program, with a goal of continuous improvement across your entire organization. All of this work is directed to the purpose of serving customers better and ensuring their loyalty as you grow your business.

IT Infrastructure Services: Enhance LOB Efficiencies and Reduce Operating Costs

One way to serve customers is by making sure your business operations are always up, running and available. Obviously, this is also crucial for your own sake. The productivity of your employees, partners and suppliers absolutely depends on a solid and streamlined IT foundation.

Ricoh IT Infrastructure Services help your IT department work with Line of Business (LOB) Managers to understand and analyze their processes. From that understanding we help you implement greater efficiencies and cost reductions and provide a clear picture of the transformation you’ll undergo, with a focus on streamlining through IT solutions and technologies. Finally, we weave our solutions into the current working environment. You’ll have optimal compatibility, efficiency and performance, so that IT builds a track record of success in working with LOB managers.