Consulting Firm Gives Employees More Room to Succeed

Consulting Firm Gives Employees More Room to Succeed

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This successful consulting firm in Canada knows how valuable loyalty is in business. After all, it’s helped a wide range of global clients capture new clients — and keep them — for more than two decades. Most of the success was attributed to knowledgeable employees that collaborated regularly to deliver best outcomes consistently. So when a growing room scheduling problem compromised how often those employees could meet, the company realized it needed to simplify the room booking process — or risk losing employees.


The company didn’t have a consistent or coordinated process for reserving rooms. Many rooms were often double-booked. Rooms were reserved on an extended basis whether it was needed or not. Sometimes, those employees would leave the company, but the booked room remained on the schedule. The most familiar refrain from unhappy employees was “I can’t find an available room, but I see empty rooms all over the place.” The company had no idea what its actual meeting space utilization was.


Ricoh worked closely with the company to analyze the current meeting room environment and to gauge utilization rates. The assessment extended far beyond counting the number of overbooked or empty rooms. Ricoh studied how often meeting rooms were reserved but remained unused, when larger rooms were reserved for smaller groups of people and other unique situations that compromised efficiency for the company’s workforce.

Ricoh collaborated with the company’s IT team to customize Condeco room booking software and digital display screens

The manual room booking process was proven to be highly inefficient. Ricoh collaborated with the company’s IT team to customize Condeco room booking software and digital display screens to improve meeting room utilization throughout company headquarters. The new application includes full utilization reporting so the IT team can follow room-booking trends and minimize potential scheduling bottlenecks.


The Ricoh representative no longer has any problems when he visits the company’s headquarters to meet with the client. With the customized solution, rooms are more readily available. Plus, it’s been almost universally praised, so the Ricoh representative is pretty popular when he visits. 

Company employees can locate available meeting rooms and book them in moments whether from their desktop, mobile phone or digital display screens located outside each meeting room. The status of the room is changed in real time, so everybody can see when the room is booked with a single glance.

A joint training effort between Ricoh and the consulting firm’s IT team provided technical training to the workforce. The system is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, so workers can book a meeting room directly from their calendars with incredible ease. Meeting reminders are sent out to invitees ahead of time to ensure higher participation rates.

With multiple configurations available, the company can scale the room booking software to meet emerging business demands for users, groups, administrators and even multiple offices. They can manage no-shows and release the rooms for others easily. Plus, the company can use the application to access and order resources for the room, such as AV equipment, or to reserve catering services.

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