Expertise and eDiscovery Solutions Provide Critical Litigation Support

Expertise and eDiscovery Solutions Provide Critical Litigation Support

About the Customer

The customer is a global healthcare products company with manufacturing facilities located in several countries and a commitment to innovation. The company’s market-leading products help healthcare professionals deliver the highest standard of care.


Ricoh has had a long-standing relationship with the customer, delivering a wide variety of innovative document solutions and professional services throughout the organization, including the legal department. Over the years, the in-house counsel relied on the Ricoh team when a litigation matter arose to prepare paper documents for electronic document review. As part of this process, the Ricoh team would pick up documents designated by the organization’s lawyers as relevant to the litigation’s discovery, verify chain of custody, take the documents to one of Ricoh’s more than 40 processing centers around the country for scanning and indexing and then return them along with an electronically stored copy. However, the organization used another provider for electronic data collection, which involved the retrieval and indexing of emails, Word and Excel documents and other electronically stored information (ESI) relevant to eDiscovery requirements.


Expertise and eDiscovery Solutions Provide Critical Litigation Support

Working closely with the organization’s multiple outside counsel, the Ricoh team provided critical support for the discovery process in the products liability litigation. Ricoh’s certified forensic examiner and senior project manager accompanied the lawyers on custodial interviews at multiple locations in France, England and the United States to identify relevant paper and electronic documents, which the Ricoh team then collected. Scanning and coding of paper documents was accomplished at Ricoh’s London office for documents originating in France and England and at two of Ricoh’s United States processing facilities for documents from U.S. locations. Overall, more than one million pages were scanned and coded.

In addition to the on-site collection of data from custodian workstations, servers, shared network drives and databases, Ricoh employed the Remlox tool for forensically sound and defensible remote data collection, eliminating the need to incur the expense of travel to a number of locations.


The Ricoh team collected approximately 15 terabytes of data in the course of the discovery process. Using a number of technologies to filter the data to remove duplicates, system files and other irrelevant data, the team was able to reduce the amount of data hosted for review to one terabyte. Ricoh’s project management team has drawn on its experience with a broad range of clients to provide ongoing consulting to the multiple outside counsel with regard to best practices for managing and responding to document production requests.

Overall, the Ricoh team delivered a full range of cost-effective eDiscovery and document solutions for the healthcare organization, providing expert advice and advanced technologies to seamlessly support the global litigation teams throughout the matter. The in-house counsel is so impressed with Ricoh’s work on the case that he is considering designating Ricoh as the organization’s preferred eDiscovery partner for all of its future litigation matters.

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