Government agency implements innovative technology solutions to further the County’s mission

Government agency implements innovative technology solutions to further the County’s mission

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The County of Madera, California is located in the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada north of Fresno County, California. Serving a population of more than 152,000, the County government’s mission is to serve the public interest in a fiscally responsible manner by providing efficient, cost-effective customer service, promoting public health and safety while creating new possibilities with partnerships through a diversified economy. 


Like many government bodies across the United States, Madera County has had to find innovative ways to carry out its mission to serve the public in the face of constrained budgets and diminished staff levels. The County had an aging fleet of print devices with installs dating back to 2004 and many devices that were remanufactured, which was resulting in increasing maintenance costs. Additionally, there were more than 400 stand-alone devices throughout the County’s departments that increased print costs. Moreover, each department had siloed backend workflow software tailored to unique department needs, inhibiting information sharing among departments. Finally, the County’s departments were moving to a shared facility that did not have adequate space to store the County’s more than 100 four-drawer file cabinets of paper-based files. 


Government agency implements innovative technology solutions to further the County’s mission

Ricoh designed a multi-phase fleet refresh to replace the aging print devices with lower-cost Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs) that have networked scan, print and copy capabilities. Ricoh’s proactive device management services help County employees focus their time on serving constituents, rather than troubleshooting devices. 

Leveraging the capabilities of the new MFPs, the Ricoh team also developed scanning software solutions that enable the County’s various departments to share information while maintaining the unique backend software applications tailored for their workflow. These solutions resulted in numerous workflow improvements, including enabling departments to scan closed files directly into a Laserfiche program. “Implementing these kinds of automated solutions represents a huge resource savings for us,” said Eric Fleming, Chief Administrative Officer, Madera County.


The phased refresh of Madera County’s device fleet is saving the County $41,753 annually on lease costs versus its previous fleet. An additional $50,220 is being saved on fleet maintenance costs. Approximately $1.5 million savings annually is being realized through lower-cost printing practices. Future phased migration is estimated to yield savings of 34 percent over the cost associated with existing models. Additionally, copy costs have been reduced by 50 percent per copy for most devices. 

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