Network Ten Consolidates Disparate Networks with Ricoh IT Services

About the Customer

Network Ten is one of Australia’s largest media companies, operating three free-to-air television channels in Australia’s five mainland metropolitan markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.


Network Ten had a need to consolidate its five disparate networks into two converged Wide Area Networks (WANs). This project was conducted to save costs associated with running the network, to increase its capacity and performance and to mitigate risks.

This project presented a significant amount of difficulty due to Network Ten’s specific requirements for guaranteed service quality, unusual data traffic profiles, the large scale of the project and the dependence of Network Ten’s core business functions on the 24x7 operation of the network.


To support Network Ten’s requirements, Ricoh IT Services needed to design a network that allowed for more granular control of traffic between any two sites.

“Ricoh IT Services designed a meshed point-to-point network to be overlayed on the VPLS network, producing a greater amount of traffic control between all sites. The overlay allowed the amount of available bandwidth between any two sites to be controlled, but maintained the ability to quickly ramp up bandwidth between two sites if the need arose.”

– Glen Carrick, Network Communications Manager, Network Ten

Network Ten now runs on two high-bandwidth meshed end-to-end networks; one supporting their regular activities and one providing back-up coverage in case of a failure in the first.


Network Ten experienced significant cost savings due to a more efficient network structure, as well as increased performance and manageability. Increased bandwidth available between sites decreased the chance of bottlenecks.

To ensure reliable ongoing network performance Network Ten signed Ricoh IT Services to a three year contract for their NetActive network monitoring and management service.

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