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Seattle-based CCS Printing was founded in 1987 as Centralized Copy Service, an on-site provider of copying and laser printing for a major discount software retailer. Within a year of its founding, the in-plant company began serving other clients after hours and quickly became a 24-hour production facility.

Now with more than 100 employees and a diversified portfolio of services, including digital and offset print, fulfillment logistics, graphic design and web development, CCS serves a broad range of customers in a variety of industries.


Since 2004, CCS has been handling the printing and forms management services for one of its major accounts, a healthcare insurance company. Recently, the customer approached CCS about taking over the transactional print and mail output they were doing in-house.

A major challenge was that they had only six months left on the leases for their production print equipment. CCS needed to find a turnkey solution in this short timeframe that would provide the production capabilities required to take over a lucrative transactional print and mail outsourcing business that produced over two million impressions a month.


The Ricoh Production Print Solutions (RPPS) team worked closely with CCS and the healthcare insurer to successfully accomplish a seamless transition in the short six-month window. The solution delivered included the Ricoh ProcessDirector Automated Document Factory (RPD ADF) integrated with an Ironsides Technology’s Automated Production TrackingTM (APT) camera solution.

Because CCS uses different print equipment than its customer used in its in-plant, the numerous types of business communications produced had to be re-programmed individually in ProcessDirector—a configuration that is exactly what Ricoh’s workflow is designed to do.

The APT/ProcessDirector ADF solution allows CCS to track and report in real-time on the more than two million documents it processes each month, which helps meet HIPAA reporting requirements to ensure that each document ends up in the correct mailing envelope. It also enables tracking of each piece for billing.


Working with Ricoh, CCS was able to meet the short deadline as well as meet its ongoing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the healthcare insurer. This led to a new profitable revenue stream for the print provider.

“I feel very secure working with a company that not only understands my traditional business, but also the transactional environment. The fact that Ricoh’s ADF solution seamlessly handles any mainframe environment, coupled with the high customer satisfaction levels we’ve been able to achieve, gave me the confidence to add this profitable revenue stream to CCS.”

– Greg Hawes, founder and CEO of CCS Printing

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