Outsourcing Invoice Capture Saves Dalkia €200,000 Per Annum

About the Customer

Dalkia, Europe’s leading energy service provider, manages more than 100,000 energy facilities on behalf of its clients. The company implements tailor-made eco-efficient solutions that save money, reduce emissions and release manpower. Dalkia employs more than 50,000 people in 42 countries and, in 2010, had a turnover of €8.6 billion.


Manual processing of supplier invoices was stretching the company’s internal resource

Manual processing of supplier invoices was stretching the company’s internal resource. Basic processing - recording invoice data, filing copies and acknowledging receipt - took an average of 5 minutes per invoice. With 10,000 invoices to process, the company was wasting 800 man-hours every month, the equivalent of 3.5 full-time employees!


A flexible approach means that customers can migrate their entire invoice process, or parts of it, to Ricoh’s i-Invoice managed service. Ricoh provides a tailored service, processing all supplier invoices for Dalkia and presenting essential information in an easily managed electronic format.

All inbound invoices are now forwarded directly to Ricoh’s shared service centre in Madrid for processing. In the service centre, Ricoh operatives scan Dalkia’s supplier invoices, making digital copies and recording invoice data. The use of intelligent software simplifies capture. Key fields, such as the supplier name, invoice number, date and invoice value, are automatically recognised, extracted and recorded. Missing data is manually validated.


As Dalkia’s purchase ledger clerks no longer waste time inputting data and filing invoice copies, they are able to make more productive use of their time. At current volumes, outsourcing manual processes to Ricoh is estimated to have released the equivalent of 3.5 full-time employees, saving the business approximately €200,000 pa.

Ricoh’s solution is fully scalable. As Dalkia’s business grows and supplier invoice volumes increase, Ricoh can absorb the growth without Dalkia needing to increase headcount.

“Implementing an i-Invoice solution with Ricoh required no capital investment. With Ricoh able to flex its existing facilities to accommodate our business, we only pay for the services that we use. Our business is growing and, in Ricoh, we know that we have a partner capable of growing with us and meeting our future business needs.”

– Spokesperson for Dalkia

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