Product Sign Supplies Modernizes its IT Network and Alleviates Growing Security Threats

Product Sign Supplies Modernizes its IT Network and Alleviates Growing Security Threats

About the Customer

Product Sign Supplies is a privately held manufacturer and full-service distributor of raw materials for sign production with facilities in Sacramento and San Jose, California. The company serves very diverse industries—from the traditional sign painter to large format digital output shops. It also produces banners, mills custom-sized substrates and recently added digital print and finishing services. Having perfected its business model over the course of three decades, Product Sign Supplies decided to bring its vastly outdated IT network up to speed by partnering with Ricoh IT Services.


Ricoh IT Services was brought in to Product Sign Supplies at a very vulnerable time. The company’s internal IT staff member, responsible for supporting and maintaining the workstations and servers for its 40 employees, had recently been let go. With its busy season quickly approaching, the company needed an outsourced partner that could not only keep its network up and running but also provide the level of expertise needed to bring its entire IT network up to date. In the past, the network had been attacked by viruses and its website—an e-commerce site responsible for a large share of the company’s revenue—had been disabled due to spam. Additionally, the company’s email had been hacked multiple times which resulted
in it becoming blacklisted.

Ricoh provides IT Solution


Product Sign Supplies chose Ricoh’s Proactive Select IT Services plan to modernize its network and help alleviate its many IT issues. The plan consisted of solutions to improve the network’s security including a new state-of-the-art SonicWALL™ firewall, antivirus software, malware, Windows® server updates and patches. It also included new SonicWALL CDP backup and disaster recovery hardware, re-cabling the company’s entire network and racking the server room for infrastructure stabilization. In addition, the plan included scheduled maintenance and updates as well as domain administration through the 24/7, 365-day-a-year Ricoh Managed Services HelpDesk. To address future email hacking and blacklisting issues, Ricoh recommended a trusted third party email host to handle email security and spam filtering.


After a full year of working with Ricoh IT Services and the Ricoh Managed Services HelpDesk, Product Sign Supplies is more than satisfied. When issues arise at the company, the CFO simply calls Ricoh and they are addressed quickly and thoroughly. If new workstations are needed, Ricoh presents detailed product and cost comparisons and makes sure everything is properly documented. The company’s network security has also been greatly enhanced. Ricoh provides scheduled maintenance and updates to the company’s antivirus software, workstations, and server updates and patches. The Ricoh HelpDesk also provides domain administration including but not limited to adding/removing user accounts or changing permission levels of users.

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