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Coor Service Management is the leading service provider in the Nordics. The company provides a wide range of workplace, property and industrial services for corporate businesses and public organisations. Coor employs more than 7000 people, many of whom are based at customers’ premises.


Managing a remote workforce can be a challenge. Maintaining regular face-to-face contact with staff is essential but travelling impacts on work time productivity and adds cost to the business. Keen to explore new ways of working, Coor was looking for a solution that would facilitate face-to-face communication without the need for travel.


Ricoh’s ‘Room in a Box’ is a virtual meeting facility which can be scaled to suit customers’ operational needs. Eliminating the need for upfront investment, Ricoh provides the facility as a Pay As You Go service.

Meeting rooms in Coor’s Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen offices are equipped with static video conferencing facilities. A wall-mounted twin-screen display with integrated video camera provides the means for employees to interact via a live video link whilst sharing computer generated presentations, gantt charts and spreadsheets.


In the 18 months since the system was introduced, Coor has seen a 325-day reduction in travel time.

The solution has proved to be 100% self-financing. A substantial reduction in travel expenditure, enjoyed by the company, more than covers the cost of usage.

“Video conferencing was a natural step for us. It is has improved the life quality of our employees and is saving us money. With Ricoh, there was no upfront investment; we just pay for what we use.”

– Mattias Wahlgren, IT Manager, Coor Service Management

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