Wire Rope Industries Overhauls Its Document Management System and Boosts Productivity

About the Customer

Wire Rope Industries Ltd. is a diversified manufacturer of high performance wire ropes and industrial steel cables. For over 100 years, the company has provided wire rope and cable solutions to companies in a variety of sectors.


Wire Rope had an aging fleet of multifunction devices, faxes and desktop inkjet printers from multiple suppliers. Frequent replacement of the devices’ inkjet cartridges resulted in increased costs while repairing the old MFDs caused service issues that the company wanted to bring under control.

The company’s paper based environment presented multiple challenges.

Wire Rope recognized the need for a new print equip- ment infrastructure with a secure, integrated document workflow and an in-house archiving system that was cost effective. “As a company that is constantly improving its research, development and manufacturing processes, it was time to improve how we produced, distributed, archived and retrieved documents,” said the supply chain manager.


Ricoh replaced the company’s aging fleet of equipment with multi-function devices and a stand alone scanner. The new MFDs gave the office staff access to high quality printing, copying and faxing. The stand alone scanner provided Wire Rope with the ability to scan large volumes of documents.

Ricoh automated Wire Rope’s document workflow process and its storage and retrieval system. Integrated document management applications, NSi AutoStoreTM and Laser- fiche®, allowed the company to digitize the internal flow of documents and cost-effectively store and retrieve them.

“The functionality of the document management system is light years ahead of where we were. We get to say goodbye to boxes of paper and off-site storage, cut costs, boost productivity and improve our overall service,” said the customer.


Wire Rope reaped the cost-saving and productivity improving rewards of a new multi-function device fleet as well as the time-saving rewards of a document manage- ment system that includes workflow, storage and retrieval.

The new equipment and consolidation of devices reduced Wire Rope’s total cost of ownership (TCO) by lowering service, toner and print output costs. It also reduces energy and paper usage.

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