Industry Opinion

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Print and Document Services 2016 Report

    This IDC study assesses the capability and business strategy of eight hardcopy vendors that are participating in the worldwide document workflow services market. This assessment discusses both quantitative and qualitative characteristics that position vendors for success in this important market. This IDC MarketScape focuses on the capability of those vendors to provide clients with a road map to higher-value workflow automation and optimization services and then effectively deliver those services.

  • Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape, 2016 Report

    Ricoh named a global market leader in Managed Print Services by Quocirca for fifth consecutive year. Analyst firm finds Ricoh's leadership rooted in "mature service portfolio," "strong global delivery capabilities" and "broader focus on IT services and business process automation".

  • IDC MarketScape: U.S. Managed Workflow Services Hardcopy 2015 Vendor Assessment — Building on MPDS

    by Holly Muscolino and Terry Frazier, November, 2015, IDC #US40586715. Copyright 2015 IDC.

    This IDC study assesses the capability and business strategy of eight hardcopy vendors that are participating in the U.S. managed workflow services (MWS) market.

  • United Nations Global Compact - Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability 2013

    Findings from the world’s largest CEO study on sustainability to date.  More than 1,000 top executives from 27 industries across 103 countries assess the past, present and future of sustainable business; discuss a new global architecture to unlock the full potential of business in contributing to global priorities; and reveal how leading companies are adopting innovative strategies to combine impact and value creation. (September, 2013)

  • Government: Fixing Document Processes Improves Constituent Services While Reducing Costs

    Government processes are more paper intensive than processes in the commercial sector, and — despite IDC studies showing that paper-based processes are not necessarily less efficient than electronic processes — government document processes are also less efficient than document processes in the commercial sector.

  • Optimizing Document Processes for Financial Services Firms: Increased Revenue & Cost Takeout

    IDC research indicates that financial services firms can increase revenue by 10.7% while reducing their overall operating costs by 10.5% when these customer-facing processes are optimized.

  • Managed Print Services Landscape

    A vendor analysis of the global enterprise MPS market
  • Quocirca “Vendor Landscape: Managed Print Services” Report

    Global scale and market presence differentiate MPS suppliers, but value propositions are converging.

  • IDC: Managing Documents for Success in the New Business Information Paradigm

    A growing trend for European enterprises to partner with print services providers to realize the full potential of document process optimization, change management, and technology