In a Ricoh-commissioned global survey conducted by IDC, respondents in government bodies indicate there is real opportunity in optimizing document and information processes to reduce costs and at the same time improve constituent services.

Survey participants seem very aware they are struggling with inefficient document processes:  only 35.9% of government respondents characterize their constituent-facing document-driven processes as efficient and effective, compared to 51.7% of respondents regarding commercial sector customer-facing processes.

Ricoh Perspective:

Public sector and government organizations are under great pressure to cut costs and improve constituent services, by deploying innovative solutions based on optimized document and information processes.

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However, the research also shows that respondents believe optimizing constituent facing document processes would reduce operating costs by 9.1% and non-constituent processes by 8.4%.1

Yet these opportunities for reducing cost and improving service through improved processes have not been fully exploited by the public sector.  Paper-intensive document processes in particular continue to present significant opportunities for cost savings and improved service. For example, tax refunds and revenue collections are subject to high-profile incidents when not processed in a timely manner or incorrectly because of paperwork errors.

Significant benefits can be achieved by focusing on processes end-to-end, even when they cross over individual, organizational or agency boundaries. A key to success is a thorough and expert assessment of complex workflows to build the appropriate business justification for process optimization and service innovation.

Learn how optimizing your document and information processes can help you drive out costs and offer more innovative services to your constituents.

1 IDC White Paper, "Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Drive Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth," Doc# 234430R, Sept 2012