Ricoh Perspective

  • Information Waste: The Problem in Plain Sight

    Are you wasting valuable business information?

  • Innovative Services Lower Costs in Public Sector Organizations

    Public sector and government organizations are under great pressure to cut costs and improve constituent services, by deploying innovative solutions based on optimized document and information processes.

  • Greater Values, Lower Cost: Optimize Processes in Financial Services

    Financial services such as banks, credit institutions, and securities services firms, like other industries, face the challenge of enriching and increasing the business value of customer relationships, at a time when customer behaviors and expectations are more demanding.

  • Moving Beyond Automation to Process Innovation

    Executive leadership is focusing on ways to increase the value delivered to customers through front office processes—any touch point where employees communicate directly with customers.

  • How Document and Information Processes Help Feed Big Data Initiatives

    Achieving the strategic benefits of Big Data analytics means we need to think more broadly about getting value out of our information.

  • Aligning Information to Improve Customer Engagement

    Transforming the customer experience is seen as one of the most significant potential benefits of better exploitation of Big Data.

  • Are Mobile Apps Helping Your Business Processes?

    There is a lot of attention paid to the impact of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) on the enterprise and IT, especially regarding requirements for safeguarding customer and corporate information while supporting a constantly changing variety of tablets and smartphones.

  • Will Your Document & Information Processes Attract and Retain Digital Natives?

    Whatever you call them, Digital Natives will form 70% of the workforce by 2025--and the ability to attract and retain them will be critical to your company's success.

  • Maximize the Quality of Customer Engagement Touchpoints

    Though hard to define, we all intuitively know what a customer touchpoint is: Any communication or interaction with your prospect or customer that helps them form an impression of your organization or brand.

  • Improved Processes Help You Capitalize on New Opportunities

    Document and information processes, often considered simply back office cost centers, can in fact play a vital role in empowering sales, other customer-facing, and product-development organizations to capitalize on new business opportunities.

  • Improved Document and Information Processes Could Add 10% (or More) to Top Line Revenue

    Increasing the efficiency of document driven processes is often seen purely as a way to reduce costs—and there are indeed opportunities to drive costs out of inefficient processes. But Ricoh believes there is a strategic upside to improved document and information processes: driving top line growth.

  • Investing Where It Counts to Drive Risk Out of Business Processes

    In providing Ricoh Services to enterprises worldwide, we know that organizations often find out the hard way that broken business processes, those that are inefficient and ineffective, expose them to significant financial risk.

  • The Strategic Value of Reducing Risk in Document Processes

    We know from long experience with customers that breakdowns in document-driven processes are high probability events.

  • Perspectives of Ricoh Thought Leaders—Overcoming Roadblocks to Business Document Processes

    The benefits of optimized business document processes are widely acknowledged: from significant cost savings to greater productivity and better customer service.

  • Perspectives of Ricoh Thought Leaders—Optimize Customer-Facing Functions with Better Document Mgmt

    Business critical document processes typically flow through multiple enterprise departments, from customer-facing, front-office functions to back-office operations.

  • Perspectives of Ricoh Thought Leaders—Innovation & Growth Through Transformed Information Mgmt

    Business executives are perpetually challenged to continue to make their companies innovative, competitive and profitable.

  • Perspectives of Ricoh Thought Leaders—A Multi-level Approach to Business Transformation

    Anyone who has implemented a significant business process transformation, such as consolidating different ERP systems after a merger, knows that success depends on many factors beyond IT.

  • The Ricoh Perspective - Assuring Access to the Right Information at the Right Time in the Right Form

    Examines what approaches firms from all sectors are taking to improve productivity within their businesses, especially in the current challenging economic climate

  • What’s Stifling Information? Barriers that Lurk in Every Enterprise

    MPS helps to curb excessive costs, recover lost productivity, and eliminate roadblocks in the process of innovation

  • Ricoh Group Sustainability Report

    A report on the results of Ricoh activities, as well as introducing environmental policies and the ideas behind them, and how Ricoh proceeds with their projects

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