Whitepapers & Case Studies

  • InfoBrief: Investing for Innovation Success

    Innovation investment benefits all areas of the business, not just product development, but it’s important to invest in a mix of business-enabling technologies to be better equipped to meet today’s business challenges.

  • InfoBrief: Organizational Behaviors that Drive Innovation

    Innovation matters: Companies that display the greatest amount of innovative behaviors have better business results. Innovation is about more than just market disruption, it touches on all areas of the business, in addition to product development.

  • White Paper for Innovation Leadership

    Innovation is a top business buzzword, but few companies understand how to drive it effectively. A recent IDC study found that while 59% of executives say it’s important to be innovative and 70% believe their companies to be above average innovators, only 14% realize significant business benefit from innovation behaviors. Establishing innovation that drives real results requires different best practices than most executives think.

  • Manage Document Services Helps Reduce Bank’s Printing Costs by 20%

    Bank partners with Ricoh/IBM to address its many needs and find innovative solutions to improve its document management and reduce costs associated with printing

  • Government agency implements innovative technology solutions to further the County’s mission

    Government agency partners with Ricoh to address its many needs and find innovative solutions to improve its workflow and reduce costs associated with its print and document management.

  • College transforms from antiquated learning services to a modern, technology based learning environment

    College partners with Ricoh IT Services to deploy a virtualized IT infrastructure to transform the way students and staff access learning resources and services. 

  • Consulting Firm Gives Employees More Room to Succeed

    This large consulting firm introduced new room booking software at its corporate headquarters so its employees can collaborate with each other freely and effectively.

  • Driving Expansion of Services in Marketing Communications

    Service Bureau Jansen is able to produce print runs more quickly and efficiently and in full color. They have also increased the effectiveness of printed materials by making the content of each print fully variable.

  • Ricoh helps global company gain visibility and control over their entire print environment

    RICOH Global Clariti has enhanced the management of a global enterprise's print environment through a reduction in global print asset footprint from approximately 6,000 devices to less than 4,300, and an approximate 10 percent reduction in print volume

  • Wire Rope Industries Overhauls Its Document Management System and Boosts Productivity

    Ricoh automated Wire Rope’s document workflow process and its storage and retrieval system. Integrated document management applications allowed the company to digitize the internal flow of documents and cost-effectively store and retrieve them.

  • Outsourcing Invoice Capture Saves Dalkia €200,000 Per Annum

    Ricoh provides a tailored i-Invoice service for Dalkia. Intelligent data capture allied to automated processing has improved the integrity of Dalkia’s financial data. The elimination of time consuming manual processes has released resource and is saving the company €200,000 per annum.

  • Ricoh’s Unified Communication System Reduces Travel Time and Expenditure

    Ricoh provides a managed video conferencing facility for Coor Service Management. Using virtual meeting rooms, employees can collaborate on projects with colleagues based at remote sites. 

  • Network Ten Consolidates Disparate Networks with Ricoh IT Services

    Network Ten had a need to consolidate its five disparate networks into two converged Wide Area Networks (WANs). This project was conducted to save costs associated with running the network, to increase its capacity and performance and to mitigate risks.

  • Westpac Creates a More Productive and Sustainable Place to Work with Ricoh Managed Document Services

    With Managed Document Services, Westpac has been able to reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and successfully contribute to their environmental and sustainability goals.

  • Opening New Revenue Streams with Transactional Print Capabilities

    CCS needed to implement the production capabilities needed to meet the complex document workflow of a healthcare insurer within a six-month period.  Ricoh provided a  turnkey solution that provides host-to-post print and mail production and piece-level tracking for HIPAA purposes, billing and inventory management.

  • Mobile Green IT Printing Initiative for Vodafone

    Keen to reduce the environmental impact of its office print environment, Vodafone launched a Green IT ‘Less Paper Office’ initiative. Ricoh’s solution supports Vodafone’s flexible work and mobility strategy, and has helped the company achieve significant and sustainable reductions in carbon emissions.

  • Executive Summary for Managers’ Perspective

    Every business strives to deliver a great customer experience but how much room exists for improvement?

  • The New Workplace Reality: Capturing The Soul And Spirit Of The Emerging Worker

    This Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper reveals a pervasive gap between customers’ expectations and the level of service employees can actually deliver.

  • Digitising Documents Provides Helping Hand for Medics

    A new electronic health record system is giving doctors at German hospital group KHWE quicker access to essential medical  information to help them provide better outcomes for their patients.  Meanwhile, the digitisation of the company’s administrative documents is significantly improving the efficiency of the organisation itself.

  • Managed Document Services Save Hospital 30%

    Ricoh transformed the hospital’s document infrastructure, improving its operational efficiency by updating technology and automating workflows. Ricoh’s service-based approach has reduced internal support requirements and is saving the hospital considerable sums of money.

  • Executive Summary for Frontline Workers’ Perspective

    Much has been said about the decline of customer service, but it’s especially unfortunate when customer-facing employees desperately want to please — yet can’t.

  • Improving Operational Efficiency and Customer Centricity

    A leading retail bank wasted time and money managing its own document infrastructure.  Keen to outsource service provisions, the bank sought a supplier capable of providing managed services on a global basis.

  • The Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012

    A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012 is an independent research study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and commissioned by Ricoh Europe PLC. It provides a fresh perspective into how business-critical document processes are being managed across Europe, and builds upon Ricoh’s previous Indexes – the Ricoh Document Governance Index 2009 and the Ricoh Process Efficiency Index 2011.

  • Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth

    Findings from a recent IDC study indicate that documentdriven processes — the business processes that are governed and controlled by documents in electronic or paper format — have a profound impact on companies’ customer-facing functions.

  • Intelligent Document Imaging Solution Helps Commercial Explosives Enterprise

    Versatile and efficient multifunctional products that print, copy, scan and fax have replaced standalone imaging devices. By optimising fleet utilisation, Ricoh has helped AEL reduce expenditure on print, release office space and cut energy consumption.

  • It’s Worse than You Think: Poor Document Processes Lead to Significant Business Risk

    If your business has experienced a significant risk incident in the past 5 years, you’ve got something in common with 75% of the companies participating in a 2012 IDC study sponsored by Ricoh.

  • Process Optimisation Saves Hospital Group €½ Million

    Automating patient registration and implementing a digital workflow helped to streamline the healthcare provider’s administrative processes. Process optimisation has cut the time employees spend on administrative processes by 25,000 hours a year.

  • Transforming Information Management to Increase Revenue and Improve the Customer Relationship

    Successful companies are constantly seeking ways to increase sales, to innovatively develop new sources of revenue and grow their customer relationships in order to protect and expand existing revenue streams.

  • C-Suite and Line of Business Leadership in Transforming Business Critical Document Processes

    The most important step in a successful business document process transformation is the motivation & empowerment of diverse stakeholders at all levels of an organization.

  • Ricoh’s Managed Document Services Deliver Insurance Premium

    Providing managed document services for Generali Switzerland, Ricoh transformed the insurer’s document infrastructure, improving access to information and enhancing document security whilst cutting print expenditure by 24%.

  • Gearing for growth - Future Drivers of Corporate Productivity

    This report examines the various levers that businesses around the world are using to increase the total output that they are able to generate from their inputs.  It also considers where executives are focusing their attention as growth returns to the agenda

  • Ricoh Process Efficiency Index, Conducted by Coleman Parks Research, June 2011

    European organizations surveyed admit they have lost or misplaced valuable information, with 1 in 12 confessing they still do not have any protection for their business critical documents

  • Ricoh Healthcare Solution Improves Patient Care

    USP Hospital Group generated more than 20 million paper-based medical records every year. Under Ricoh’s guidance, the group migrated from paper-based processes to an Electronic Health Record system with automated workflows and electronic forms. 

  • Fast Access to Information Satisfies both Customers and Regulators

    The Ricoh solution included document management software for high-volume information storage, retrieval and distribution and a scanner with software to efficiently input the scanned images to the Laserfiche repository.

  • Outsourcing Document Processes Underwrites Business Success

    Ricoh processes more than 60 million documents a year for the insurer, using closed loop production systems which eliminate business risk.  Outsourcing mission critical document processes to Ricoh improved customer service levels and reduced costs.

  • Business Critical Document Process Outsourced to Ricoh

    Ricoh processes more than 2 million claims for the company every year, allowing it to respond more efficiently to claimant’s needs. And, Ricoh is also helping the healthcare organisation optimise its claims process.

  • A Customized Solution Transforms Enrollment Processing for a Major Managed Health Care Organization

    Ricoh designed a solution to modernize the company's Medicare/Medicaid enrollment and related document workflow.  The solution has delivered numerous benefits for the managed care organization, including 60 to 80 percent reduction in total turnaround time.

  • Expertise and eDiscovery Solutions Provide Critical Litigation Support

    The Ricoh team delivered a full range of cost-effective eDiscovery and document solutions for the healthcare organization, providing expert advice and advanced technologies to seamlessly support the global litigation teams.

  • Robust eDiscovery Solutions Enable Outside Counsel to Manage a Complex Patent Litigation Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

    The Ricoh team designed a solution that is completely customized to the outside counsel’s workflow and the nature of the litigation matters. In order to ensure control over chain of custody and streamline processing, Ricoh set up a central repository containing the entire set of data potentially relevant to the litigations.

  • Communication Solutions and Services for the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group in Japan

    Ricoh provided communication solutions and services which included a multi-projection system with a large 3.84 meter wide screen, which can be installed anywhere and can project dynamic images, and a virtual help desk combining a small footprint, remote video communication system, and an ultra-short-throw projector.

  • Ricoh Provides Solution Services at the APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting, a First in Japan

    Ricoh was the official provider of solution services, including a large-scale paperless meeting. Through those services, Ricoh supported smooth and efficient meeting management and the information sharing on Japan’s outstanding transportation infrastructure to all participating countries.

  • Virtualised IT Environment Improves Workforce Mobility

    Ricoh guided the organisation through a technology refresh, helping it to select effective solutions and managing the implementation programme. Ricoh’s virtualised solution reduced costs, simplified support and improved workforce mobility.

  • Gaining a Trusted Advisor for Document Management and IT Services and Solutions

    Ricoh provides IT services and 24/7 help desk support as well as off-site scanning services and a robust networked scanning solution in-house for a small law firm.

  • Achieving a Successful Corporate Relocation with IT Infrastructure to Support a Rapidly Expanding Business

    Ricoh mapped out and delivered a solution that enabled ESP to make a seamless move to their new headquarters with the IT infrastructure and support they needed to allow them to continue to rapidly expand their business

  • Proactive, Extra-mile IT Support for a Rapidly Growing Law Firm

    Ricoh provides a national law firm with Ricoh IT Services for proactive, hands-on IT support and expertise to carefully plan and move IT infrastructure

  • Ricoh IT Services Meets the Needs of Community Outreach Organization

    Ricoh Proactive Managed IT Services offers around-the-clock service.  Unlike the previous IT services provider, Ricoh manages everything, including hardware, software, onsite calls and more, quickly and economically.

  • Parisi House Stabilizes its Network and Places Trust in an IT Outsource Partnership with Ricoh Proactive Managed IT Services

    Ricoh addressed the company's frequent network issues through a solution which included Ricoh Network Healthcheck, Ricoh Proactive Standard IT Services plan and Ricoh Proactive Managed IT Services HelpDesk

  • Product Sign Supplies Modernizes its IT Network and Alleviates Growing Security Threats

    Product Sign Supplies chose Ricoh’s Proactive Select IT Services plan to modernize its network and help alleviate its many IT issues.

  • Amalgamated Holdings Limited Successfully Migrates Email Collaboration Platform with Ricoh IT Services

    The business decided that it needed to migrate over 2,000 mailboxes and users from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft Exchange platform, to further enhance business functionality and improve staff connectivity

  • Helloworld Limited Keeps Network Up and Running Effectively with Ricoh IT Services

    Through Ricoh’s NetActive service, Helloworld’s IT department have access to Ricoh’s senior, level 3, network engineers whenever they need them – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • QT Sydney Hotel Successfully Integrates Separate Networks with Ricoh IT Services

    The requirement was to integrate two separate networks, each with its own unique components.  In order to achieve the integration, Ricoh engineers undertook a comprehensive design exercise to ensure full data integration between disparate systems and, most importantly, establish full security between guest and corporate network services.

  • The Scots College Upgrades Network Infrastructure with Ricoh IT Services

    With technology now an increasing driver of education, The Scots College required an upgrade of their network infrastructure, including upgrading wireless access to all end users.

  • McDonald Real Estate Improves Access to Information with Ricoh

    “In order to best serve our clients, our agents need to be truly mobile with full remote access to emails and data, backed up by a prompt and efficient support office. With Ricoh IT Services we’ve achieved this and more.”

  • Searells Improves System Performance with Ricoh

    A future-proofed IT system with virtual server infrastructure and a Remote Desktop Service for full and fast remote access via a thin client technology—all covered by a fixed-price Ricoh Managed Service contract.

  • MDS Improves Operational Efficiency and Customer Centricity

    A leading retail bank wasted time and money managing its own document infrastructure. Keen to outsource service provision, the bank sought a supplier capable of providing managed services on a global basis. Ricoh proved the perfect partner, implementing the structured programme through which the bank achieved dramatic improvements in operational efficiency.

  • Global Strategic Alliance Allows IBM to Provide Print as a Service

    Ricoh has transformed the retailer’s print infrastructure. Users have access to versatile technology enabling printing on the move, whilst the managed service has released internal resource.

  • Global MDS Implementation Drives Improved Performance

    Ricoh supports Renault-Nissan’s regional operations with class leading technology and expertly provisioned services. The solution has halved Renault-Nissan’s print expenditure.

  • University of Kentucky Saves Big with Massive Document Management Overhaul

    A 20-person team was deployed to the UK campus to streamline operations, standardize equipment and supplies and simplify processes for staff, faculty and students. 

  • Regis University Drives Cost Out of Printing with a New Output Fleet and Expert Print Management

    Regis recently underwent a major modernization of its print output fleet, implemented Managed Document Services (MDS) and outsourced control of its print, copy and mail center to its partner of choice — Ricoh.

  • Gaining Responsiveness and Control over Global Print Activities with a True MDS Partner

    The Ricoh team helped the organization gain control over its previously disparate device fleet with effective, efficient MDS solutions and the consultative approach of a true partner. 

  • Hosted MDS Print Services Deliver “Next Generation” Print Services for a Fortune Global 500 Company

    The company benefits from a fully managed global print service providing enhanced management and reporting, access to advanced MDS services and improved user experience across the global organization.

  • Managed Document Services Strategy Helps Financial Services Company Transfer Cost Savings to Bottom Line

    Ricoh optimizes fleet and streamlines copy and mail center processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for three branch offices of a large financial services company.

  • Ricoh Develops and Implements a New Bill Design for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

    LADWP chose a Precision Marketing solution to develop and implement a new, easy to read bill design. The technology created a new billing and delivery infrastructure for LADWP driven by an InfoPrint ProcessDirector powered Automated Document Factory (ADF).

  • Ricoh Supports Renault’s Eco Drive

    Ricoh supported Renault in a Green IT initiative, helping the  company reduce the energy consumed by its printer fleet by applying an optimal energy saving profile. The solution cut the printer fleet’s energy consumption by 250,000 kWh per annum.

  • Global Services Provide Sustainable Business Advantage

    Ricoh has transformed the company’s document infrastructure, reducing print expenditure and cutting carbon emissions. The solution has simplified procurement processes, reducing administration and improving business agility.

  • Meeting Company Goals with Document Management that is Smart and Green

    Ricoh implemented a sustainability program that allowed the company to support its Green initiatives, developing a toner and cell phone recycling program as well as seeking solutions for reducing paper-based processes.

  • Building a Green Future with Ricoh’s Environmentally Friendly Solutions

    Ricoh replaced stand-alone copiers, printers and fax machines and revamped department workflows to replace paper workflows with the capture and filing of electronic images of documents.

  • Environmental Benefits and Significant Savings for Southbank Institute of Technology

    Ricoh helped the company address a multitude of operational, cost and environmental inefficiencies within its incumbent print device fleet and management practices, resulting in environmental benefits as well as cost savings.