In the digital age, where mobility, cloud and Big Data have become key drivers, it’s no surprise that companies actively seek ways to enhance their business systems and processes. But although technologies have a large role to play, they’re only effective if they integrate with your current working environment. Business managers are closely attuned to the unique characteristics of their departments’ processes and—rightfully so—should have a say in the decisions affecting them.

Ricoh Application Services study your existing systems and processes to create the best possible fit between business applications, innovative technologies and the processes they are designed to enable, helping you to:

  • Increase infrastructure agility and employee productivity
  • Enhance customer relationships and interactions
  • Reduce business cost and risk

Our services cover every aspect from start to finish: consulting, customization, implementation, support and maintenance. With Ricoh Application Services, you will have the right solutions in place so you can better focus on the core business activities.

Improve Infrastructure Agility for Greater Productivity

Solutions may be specific to one department or may be much broader in scope. Whatever the case, integrating new applications tightly with existing processes and workflows helps make your overall infrastructure more agile and responsive—which in turn makes your workforce more productive.

Enhance Customer Relationships and Interactions

Enhance customer relationships and interactionsYour customers expect service to be fast and in the form (mobile, text, person-to-person) most convenient to them. The right processes supported by the right applications, and deployed in the right way, enable your workforce to exceed these expectations and deliver an outstanding customer experience.


Reduce Business Cost and Risk

Information management is tricky business, prone to a certain amount of error. Unfortunately, this is often costly for you and your business. But finely-tuned business applications reduce the risk for these errors. Across the enterprise, you’ll see it takes less time and labor to complete critical business processes. And with Ricoh’s careful planning and stewardship, we help you comply with relevant security regulations. When cost and risk go down, profit can go up.