Employees need an environment where they can work productively and collaboratively. That is why you invest in your workplace. And to get the most out of that investment, you want to make sure workspaces aren’t sitting empty or being used for storage. If a workspace isn’t being used optimally, it won’t be just an inconvenience for you and your employees – it could have a direct impact on the performance of your organization.

An optimized workplace should:

  • Promote employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Support collaborative and social office activities
  • Reduce workplace costs

Ricoh Workplace Services helps your workplace reach these goals. We find ways to optimize your utilization of space, and use technology to your advantage while automating key workplace functions. With solutions tailored specifically for your workplace, Ricoh uncovers inefficiencies and maximizes productivity and budgets.

Promote employee productivity and satisfaction

Promote employee productivity and satisfactionAlmost half the global information workforce today uses smartphones, and almost a quarter uses tablets.[1] With the right system in place, these tools can give your workers instant, real-time awareness of the workspaces available to them. For example, if they need to hold a meeting in the videoconferencing room, they can find the answer right on their phone book it themselves —in seconds. This is just one way Ricoh can boost productivity with workplace innovation.


Support collaborative and social office activities

Support collaborative and social office activitesHaving information at their fingertips doesn’t just let employees get more done. It also makes it easier for them to get together. Before you can brainstorm a new idea, reach a consensus, decide on a plan or simply make sure everyone is updated, you need to find and schedule a place for it to happen. If making arrangements is cumbersome and time consuming, your meeting may not happen at all. Make it easy and fast for people to get together, and you’ll really see what a team can do.


Reduce workplace costs

Reduce Workplace CostsAnnual costs for a meeting room in a large city can exceed $20,000 (USD).[2] And yet, according to industry research, these workspaces are empty nearly 50% of the time.[3] Knowing exactly when your meetings spaces are—and aren’t—being used helps you manage costs and make smarter decisions. Your workers will never book multiple spaces “just in case” one isn’t available. When projects are finished or people go on holiday, you won’t go on reserving meeting space for them anyway. With easy access to the right information, you can be as economical with your workplace as you are with your other budgets and practices.